Website of John R. Boccio, Emeritus Professor

High School :     Brooklyn Technical High School, 1957
College :         B.S. degree in Physics from
                  Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, 1961
Graduate School : Ph.D in Theoretical Physics from 
                  Cornell University, 1967.
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Now living in Decatur, GA.

John Boccio at home

His original area of interest was particle physics. Since coming to Swarthmore College, he has done research in the areas of computational physics using Monte Carlo simulations for studies in lattice critical phenomena, and fundamental quantum theory. He has also worked on parallel computing simulations of galaxy-galaxy collisions using an Macintosh Parallel Cluster. He has also become an expert in scientific data visualization methodology. Over the past few years he has begun a major project centered around the writing of a quantum mechanics textbook and studying the foundations of quantum mechanics, especially logic structure, causality structure, non-linear aspects, quantum measurement as a self-organized critical emergent phenomenon and stochastic processes in quantum measurement theory..
Blast from the past. Me in the 80's

Blast from the past. My elementary school PS 108 in Brooklyn

Blast from the past. My public library in Brooklyn

Blast from the past. Willie' pastry shop in Brooklyn

Across the meadow from my house(2005)

Across the meadow from my house(2007)

My house in a blizzard

Some interesting recipes I have used.
Interesting Recipes
Some Pictures from my retirement party - April 27,2013

Chris Chyba and Me

Chris Chyba, Valerie Thomas, Valerie's daughter, Me and Atish Agarwala

Finally returning a research project paper to Valerie after 34 years!

Areas of Interest

I have three boys.

The three boys.

The three boys

On a mountain in Lake Placid NY - 1981.

Smoking cigars at Duncan's wedding


Ian is 44.

Ian studied theater light and sound design at University of California at Santa Cruz(June 1990), art and art history at Pasadena City College(June 2001) and completed the graduate MFA program in painting at University of California at San Diego(June 2003). He has also become a Yoga instructor. Presently he is living in Atlanta. He is in a Kirtan group called Blue Spirit Wheel, he is the founder and chief organizer for the Chantlanta Festival and he teaches Mantra Intensive classes around the country. Ian is also doing free-lance graphic design.

Ian and Yoga
Ian at Chantlanta with Krishna Das

Ian's Websites

Ian's Art Gallery - circa 2004

Ian as a Painter
In an attempt to get tickets to Grateful Dead concerts, "deadheads" like Ian designed special envelopes containing their ticket request - to get the attention of the people sending out tickets.
Ian's interesting envelope designs


Duncan died in 2008 ago after a long illness. Duncan has a daughter Caitlin (my first granddaughter).
Caitlin with my other two granddaughters Jessica and Jennifer


Mark, Carmen and three grandaughters in Philly
Mark(49) living in Stevens Point, WI. He has two daughters (my second(Jessica) and third(Jennifer) granddaughters).
Jessica Frances Boccio
Three Granddaughters at Liberty Bell
Jennifer and me
Jessica and me in conversation
Jessica and Jennifer
Jessica at Day Care graduation
Jennifer in Fall 2007
Jessica in Fall 2007
Jessica and Jennifer Christmas Card Picture
Jennifer in 2012
Jessica in 2012

Family visiting in Swarthmore

At a beach house on Jersey shore.
Each Christmas we all try to get together in Wisconsin. In 1997 we had a fantastic dinner at the home of Leland and Lynne.
At the end of a great evening of food, wine and good company.

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