Physics 113 Seminar Webpage - Spring 2011


Break Schedule

A copy of my textbook(PDF) will be available 
online to students in the seminar.

Table of Contents Part 1 (PDF)
Table of Contents Part 2 (PDF)

The book will be released in 2011 online as PDF files.

A copy of Chapter 2 of Zettili(in PDF format) is available below
in case the textbooks do not appear in the bookstore before you
leave for winter break.

Zettili001 pp  79-109 (PDF)
Zettili001 pp 110-137 (PDF)
Zettili001 pp 138-163 (PDF)

Boccio Text Problems

Solutions to all problems will be available to instructors
planning to use the book after the book is released online.


Mathematica Notebook